Institutos Universitarios

María Jaenada Malagón

Becarios (Predoctoral Fellow)
Department of Statistics and Operations Research
School of Mathematical Sciences
Complutense University of Madrid
Procedimientos Inferenciales Basados en Divergencias




I am currently a Predoctoral Researcher at the Department of Statistics and Operational Research at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, supported by an FPU Grant. I got my bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and mathematics and statistics at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, where I later obtained a M.Sc. in computational statistics.


Research interests

My research interests include information theory, generalized regression models, high dimensional data, reliability analysis and robust statistics.


Latest Publications

  • E. Castilla, M. Jaenada, L. Pardo. Estimation and testing on independent not identically distributed observations based on Rényi’s pseudodistances. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
  • M Jaenada, P Miranda, L Pardo, Robust Test Statistics Based on Restricted Minimum Rényi’s Pseudodistance Estimators, Entropy, 2022, 24(5), 616.
  •  M. Jaenada, L. Pardo. Robust Statistical Inference in Generalized Linear Models Based on Minimum Renyi’s Pseudodistance Estimators. Entropy. 2022, 24(1), 123.