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Juan José Lastra Díaz

Juan José Lastra Díaz
Expert Engineer (Senior Applied Scientist)
Department of Advanced Research




I hold a PhD degree in Intelligent Systems (2017) and an MSc degree in Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence (2014) from the National Distance Learning University (UNED), in which I have recently co-supervised a PhD thesis in NLP-AI as an ad-honorem researcher of the Department of Computer Languages and Systems. In addition, I completed all PhD courses of the PhD program in Signals, Systems, and Radiocommunications (UPM, 1993-1999) and a MSc degree in Signal and Image processing (UPM, 1998), both from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM). Finally, I hold an MSc degree (five-year program) in Telecommunication Engineering (USB, 1992) with a speciality in electronics from Simón Bolívar University. Currently, I am pursuing a PhD in Mathematical Engineering, Statistics, and Operational Research in part-time mode under the supervision of Prof. Dra. M. Teresa Ortuño. My current PhD research is framed in the field of operational research, and more specifically, in combinatorial optimization, integer programming, and cutting and packing. I am also Reproducibility Editor of the Information Systems journal (Elsevier).


Nowadays, I am a senior applied scientist in the Department of Advanced Research at LECTRA with 31 years of professional experience in the industry in the fields of 3D-2D Computer-Aided Geometric Design (CAGD), 3D Computer Vision and Computer Graphics (CVCG), optimization, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). My research activity in the industry has been mainly focused on 3D-2D CAD pattern-making modelling tools and cutting and packing optimization methods for the fashion industry since 24 years ago. In the nineties, I developed 3D optical facial and body motion capture systems, 3D scanners, and real-time simulation software applications for the animation industry.


Research interests

Integer programming, combinatorial optimization, cutting and packing, computational geometry, computer-aided geometric design, natural language processing, artificial intelligence


Latest Publications

  • J. J. Lastra-Díaz, M. Teresa Ortuño. Mixed-integer programming models for irregular strip packing based on vertical slices and feasibility cuts. European Journal of Operational Research. 313 (2024). 69-91.

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