Institutos Universitarios

José María Maroto Fernández

Profesor Contratado Doctor (Associate Professor)
Department of Financial and Actuarial Economics and Statistics
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
Complutense University of Madrid
Economía Matemática Aplicada





PhD in Economics since 2004. Academic visitor at Institute for Research in Economics and Business Administration (SNF), Bergen (1+1 months), Southern Methodist University (SMU), Dallas (3 months), and Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), Bergen (3+1 months).  


Research interests

Stochastic dynamic optimization bioeconomic models, Age-structured models, Depensatory dynamics, Seasonal fisheries, Precautionary Approach, Transient dynamics. Main fields of interests and applications: Bioeconomic modeling and population dynamics of collapsed fisheries. 


Last Publications

  • J. M. Maroto, M. Morán. Transient dynamics: Equilibrium, collapse and extinction in age-structured models. The case of the Northern cod stock. Ecological Modelling (2019), 398, 35-43.
  • S. Kvamsdal, J. M. Maroto, M. Morán, L. Sandal. Bioeconomic modeling of seasonal fisheries. European Journal of Operational Research (2020).  281, 2, 332-340: