Institutos Universitarios

Francisco Valero Rodríguez

Catedrático de Universidad (Full Professor)
Department of Earth Physics and Astrophysics
Faculty of Physics sciences
University Complutense of Madrid
Research Group MCAM: Meteorology and Climate Aplications and modelling





Full Professor at University Complutense of Madrid since 2014. PhD in Atmospheric Sciences in UCM since 1980. Graduate in Optics in 1979 in UCM.

2014-2017 Member in MARS 2020 INVESTIGATIONS: DREAMS-B: a suite of sensors for meteorological measurements and the characterization of aeolian processes and dust properties close to the surface of Mars;  2012-2014 Member in Scientific collaboration in mission to Mars MEIGA-METNET-PRECURSOR;  2009-2012 Member in Scientific collaboration in instrumentation for surface and atmosphere of Mars –MEIGA;  2008-2011 Member in Scientific collaboration in Miniaturized Humidity Measurements-EXOMARS;  2001-2003 Member in Scientific collaboration in Mars Exploration Rovers.


Research interests

Climatic variability studies, Meteorology, Downscaling, Multivariate Analysis, Ensemble Prediction Systems. Multi-physic Systems. Studies associated to Mars.


Last Publications

  • S. Fernández-González, M. Sastre, F. Valero, A. Merino, E. García-Ortega, J. L. Sánchez, J. Lorenzana, M. L. Martín. Characterization of Spread in a Mesoscale Ensemble Prediction System: Multiphysics versus Initial Conditions. Meteorol. Z. (Contrib. Atm. Sci.),  28 (2019) (1), 59 – 67. 
  • J. M. Jiménez-Gutiérrez, F. Valero, S. Jerez, J. P. Montávez. Impacts of green vegetation fraction derivation methods on regional climate simulations. Atmosphere 2019, 10(5), 281.