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Fernando Burillo López

Research support staff working at MOMAT group of IMI in REACT ANTICIPA-UCMT  project.

Interdisciplinary Mathematics Institute (IMI)

 Ingenería en Informática en Universidad Complutence de Madrid

Universität Dortmund: ERASMUS





I'm Fernando, a computer engineer graduated at Complutense University of Madrid. Since the end of my studies my work dedication has been focused on software development. I find great motivation in this area of computer science and am always interested in the discovery of new technologies and programming languages. I have developed my professional career in positions as project manager of development teams coordinating and executing new requirements, functionalities and evolution of computer systems. In addition, I have been responsible for the company's headquarters in Teruel, which has housed up to ten workers.  Most of the dedication of my work has been made in projects within the field of  financial informatics, such as the management of the financial instruments of the bank's treasury, risk control, management of collateral contracts and accounting, among other functionalities, as well as data analysis and statistics  At a technical level, they are projects focused on web technologies, using the latest front-end technologies, in combination with back-end technologies with Java programming language with frameworks, and  related tools, for the execution of the corresponding business logic such as financial calculations. , data analysis, etc.  required in each type of operation. In this aspect I try to be up to date with technological developments in order to bring to our projects the best possible user experience combined with optimal performance in the data processing and calculations executed, as well as the quality of these.



Professional experience

2010/2011 - Intern at the Univesidad Complutence de Madrid: collaborates with the development of functionalities of the web platforms of e-learning of the virtual campus, as well as giving telephone support to the professors users of these platforms. WEB development HTML, CSS and javascript. Database queries. User support.

2011/2012 -Junior Programmer at Indra Sistemas: development of metro ticket offices for clients such as the Saint Louis metro and the Madrid metro. In addition to the development, I carried out tasks of deployment of new versions, customer testing and support. Development of desktop applications in java. Communications through web-service. Device integration.

2012/2014 - Senior Programmer at Almis Informática Financiera: within the development team of several projects I have carried out requirements analysis tasks and design and implementation decision making. Analysis of incidents and resolution of bugs. As well as the development of the implementation of the required functionalities. Architecture design. Communications with interfaces. Learning functional aspects.

2014/2016 - Organic Analyst at Almis Informática Financiera: within the development team of several projects I have carried out requirements analysis tasks and design and implementation decision making. Analysis of incidents and resolution of bugs. As well as 

the development of the implementation of the required functionalities. Design of implementations. Communications with interfaces. Learning functional aspects.

2016/2018- Functional Analyst at Almis Informática Financiera:  within the development team of several projects I have carried out functional requirements analysis tasks. In addition to carrying out customer implementations as well as training necessary for the management of the system to users. Architecture design. Communications with external applications. Performance requirements.

2019/2022 – Project Manager  and responsiblefor the Teruel headquarters at Almis Informática Financiera: managed a development team dedicated to projects of one of our clients. Relationship with the client, being in direct contact both on a day-to-day basis and in face-to-face visits to their headquarters. Taking requirements. Management of team tasks. Estimation, planning and prioritization of tasks. Cost invoicing. And as responsible for the headquarters of Teruel carrying out the efforts to locate a new delegation in the company in Teruel. From the search for the office where to implement the headquarters, procurement of supplies, connections, acquisition of furniture and hiring of trades for the adaptation of jobs, to participation in the selection of candidacies for incorporation to the new headquarters. Personnel management of the delegation. General maintenance of the headquarters. Selection of candidates. Personnel and task management.

May 2022/present -Research support software developer for the COVIDLOT project at the Institute of Interdisciplinary Mathematics (IMI)

He currently collaborates in Research support staff working at MOMAT group of IMI in REACT ANTICIPA-UCM Project, as a software developer of the COVIDLOT sample management, analysis and prediction system.



Programming languages: Java (+10 years of experience). C, C++ (+10 years of experience) Javascript and typescript, Python.

Databases: SQL server, Oracle, MongoDB, MySql.

Frameworks: Spring, Swing, Boost, Angularl.



Human Resources, Team Management, Project Planning, Financial Mathematics, Cost Estimation, Customer Relations, Proactivity, Problem Solving, Communication.