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Brief description:

Research in teaching and learning of mathematics at university level is relatively new in the field of mathematics education. Some studies have highlighted a number of external factors affecting the university education such as, for example, the increasing number of students coming to University, the growing gap between secondary and tertiary education, the rapid development of technology and the evolution of scientific and social demand concerning mathematics.

In the transition from high school to college, we distinguish several epistemological approaches, cognitive, and sociocultural perspectives teaching, which emphasize different origins of rupture: modes of thought, knowledge organization and modes of mathematical reasoning expert demonstration aspects of language and practices related to the mathematical community, transposition and didactic contract.


Aims of the program:

This program will give priority to the transition from high school to university education and the integration of technology in learning mathematics.

An aim of the program will be to answer the following question: How to encourage the development of cognitive flexibility in students through teaching practices by integrating technological uses?