Institutos Universitarios

Bibiana Granda Chico

Ayudante (Assistant)
Department of Statistics and Operations Research
School of Mathematical Sciences
Complutense University of Madrid
Decision Aid Models for Logistics and Disaster Management (Humanitarian Logistics) UCM-GR17-970643




Bibiana Granda Chico is Assistant in the department of Statistics and Operations Research in Universidad Complutense de Madrid, since June 2021. She graduated in Physics in 2017 and studied a MSc in Mathematical Engineering at Universidad Complutense de Madrid finishing in 2018. For two years she worked for a consulting company in the electric sector, developing models for grid expansion, not only managing the models but also taking care of its maintenance and possible improvements. In December 2019 she started her PhD at Universidad Complutense de Madrid about optimization models for fire suppression in wildland fires. Also, during this time, as part of the HUMLOG research group (UCM) she has been collaborating in several projects related to operations research and technology transfer projects such as a collaboration with a company that commercializes a personnel scheduling software. She has participated as well in teaching tasks giving lectures on Operations Research at the Mathematics faculty or Statistics at the Pharmacy faculty.


Research interests

Mathematical programming, multricriteria stochastic programming, optimization, wildfire management.