Institutos Universitarios

Antonio Díaz-Cano Ocaña

Titular de Universidad (Associate Professor)
Department of Algebra, geometry and topology
School of Mathematical Sciences
Complutense University of Madrid
910444 Geometría Algebraica y Analítica Real





Ph.D. in Mathematics and Associated Professor in the Department of Algebra, Geometry and Topology of the University Complutense of Madrid.
My main line of research is Real Algebraic Geometry, having been the spanish coordinator of the European Network on Real Algebraic and Analytic Geometry in the period 2003-2006. I am also interested in Mathematical Education at the university level and the transition from high school. I have held several academic positions at the Faculty of Mathematics: Vice Dean of Research (2006-2010), Academic Secretary of the Interdisciplinary Mathematics Institute (2006-2013), director of the Master of Mathematical Research (2010-2011) and Dean of the Faculty (2014-2018).


Research interests

Real algebraic geometry, algorithms in real algebraic geometry, mathematical education.


Latest Publications

  • A. Díaz-Cano, F. González-Gascón, L. L. Sánchez-Soto. On the Ray-Wavefront Duality. Symmetry. 2022, 14, 3, Article number 478.
  • I. M. Gómez-Chacón, A. Díaz-Cano, J. A. Infante, A. Riesco. Teaching Inquiry-Oriented Mathematics: Establishing Support for Novice Lecturers. In Inquiry in University Mathematics Teaching and Learning. Editorial: Masaryk University Press. ISBN 978-80-210-9982-1 e-ISBN 978-80-210-9983-8.
  • M. Ansola, A. Díaz-Cano, M. A. Zurro. Semialgebraic sets and real binary forms decompositions. Journal of Symbolic Computation. 2021, 107, 209-220.
  • M. Ansola, A. Díaz-Cano, M. A. Zurro. El problema de Waring para formas binarias reales. La Gaceta de la RSME. 2020, 23, 1, 147–162. Ver artículo aquí.