Institutos Universitarios

Alba María Franco Pereira

Profesora Contratada Doctora (Associate Professor)
Department of Statistics and Operations Research
School of Mathematical Sciences
Complutense University of Madrid




Associate Professor since March 2020. PhD in Statistics since 2009. Researcher visitor at the University of Arizona (Tucson, Arizona, 4 months), Universität Siegen (Siegen, Germany, 3 months), Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Madrid, Spain, 7 months) and University of Tesaly (Volos, Greece, 3 weeks). Member of the SiDOR group (University of Vigo, Spain) and the Biostatistics group (Complutense University of Madrid, Spain).


Research interests

Stochastic Orderings, Reliability, Aging, Survival Analysis, Functional Data Analysis, Nonparametric Estimation, Censored Data, ROC Curves. 


Latest Publications

  • A. M. Franco-Pereira, C. T. Nakas, B. Reiser, M. Carmen Pardo. Inference on the overlap coefficient: The binormal approach and alternatives. Statistical Methods in Medical Research. 2021, 30, 12, 2672-2684.
  • M. Shafaei Noughabi, A. M. Franco Pereira. Estimation of two ordered quantile residual life functions based on mixtures. Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation. 2021, 91, 18, 3792-3813.
  • F. Belzunce, A. M. Franco-Pereira, J. Mulero. New stochastic comparisons based on tail value at risk measures. Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods. 2020.