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2010 - 2020


Tags, system and method for long range object detection

M.P.  Marín Palacios, A.Hernando Grande

Nº: P201600298  (2016)

Entidad: UCM


 Rare-earth-free permanent magnet microcomposites and their method of production

A.Aragón Sánchez, M.P. Marín Palacios, A.Hernando Grande, S.Deledda, A.Quesada Michelena, J.Francisco Fernández Lozano, A.Bollero Real, F.Javier Pedrosa Ruiz

Nº: P201600092  (2016)

Entidad: UCM


 Differential calorimeter and method for the measurement of the specific absorption rate of magnetic colloids subjected to electromagnetic fields

G.Rivero, M.Multigner, M.Iglesias Molina, P.Cabrera Bejarano, L.F.Giacomone, P. de la Presa

Nº: ES 2 520 590 A1 2 ES 2 520 590 B2   (2015)

Entidad: UCM


Wireless pressure sensor

M.P. Marín, A.Hernando, A.Aragón, F.J.Serrano, M. Hernando.

Nº : ES 2 524 733 B2 (2015)

Entidad: UCM


Railway rail deformation measurement system 

G.Rivero, J.Valdés, J.Spottorno, M.Multigner, M.Flores, A.Hernando, M.Rodríguez

Nº P201031954 (2010)

Entidad: ADIF


Device and procedure for determining the clotting time of blood based on magnetoelasticity 

G.Rivero, M.Multigner, M.Marcos, J.Spottorno, J.Valdés, M.Flores, A.Hernando, D.Cortina

Nº: P201031033  (2010)

Entidad: MICROMAG 2000 S.L.