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Workshop on Digital Markets

Workshop Program  

Friday, February 3, 2023

The meeting will be held physically at Universidad Complutense de Madrid

9:30 am   

  • Welcome

Session 1:   

  • Chair: Iñigo Herguera (Universidad Complutense)

9:35- 10:10   

  • Platform competition and app development
    Doh Shin Jeon, (University Toulouse)
    Discussant: Carmelo Rodríguez (Universidad Complutense)
10:10- 10:45   
  • How to seed a platform? The role of owned, earned and bought contracts in overcoming the chicken-and-egg problem
    Tobias Kretschmer, (University Munich)
    Discussant: Neus Palomeras (Universidad Carlos III)
10:45- 11:20   
  • Distaste for Advertisements in Two-Sided Markets: Evidence from Free-to-Air TV
    Rosa Ferrer, (Universidad Pompeu Fabra )
    Discussant: Elena Huergo (Universidad Complutense)

11:20- 11:50   

  • Coffee break

Session 2:   

  • Chair: Joan Calzada (Universidad de Barcelona)

11:50- 12:25   

  • Self- versus delegated distribution in digital platforms: The case of Amazon
    Ricardo Flores-Fillol, (Universidad Rovira Virgili)
    Discussant: Angel Hernando (Universidad Carlos III)

12:25- 13:00   

  • Demand estimation with multi- homing
    Lapo Filistrucchi, (Universitá Firenze)
    Discussant: Estrella Gómez (Universidad Islas Baleares)

13:00- 13:35   

  • Competition and Defaults in Online Search
    Muxin Li, (Universita Bocconi)
    Discussant: Joan Calzada (Universidad de Barcelona)

13:35- 14:50   

  • Lunch

Session 3:   

  • Chair: Teodosio Pérez Amaral (Universidad Complutense)

14:50- 15:25   

  • Search Engines and Market Concentration
    Ricard Gil, (Queen's University)
    Discussant: Juan Santaló (IE University)

15:25- 16:00   

  • Data brokers' competition and downstream market entry
    Carlo Cambini, (Politecnico di Torino)
    Discussant: Akhil Ilango (Universidad Pompeu Fabra)

16:00- 16:35   

  • Countervailing Platform Power: Spotify and the Major Record Labels, 2017-2020
    Luis Aguiar, (University Zurich)
    Discussant: Teodosio Pérez (Universidad Complutense)

Funded by project MIMA-CM, funded from the regional government of Madrid and the European Social Fund (H2019/HUM-5859).


Joan Calzada (Universidad de Barcelona) 

Iñigo Herguera García (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)  

Teodosio Pérez Amaral (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)