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The Telecommunications Economics Library José Alberto Blanco Losada has books and documents related to Telecommunications and Industrial Organization.

The vocation of the Library is to serve as an instrument for researchers and students in telecommunication economics and related fields. For this reason, their funds can be consulted by interested people, in the Library itself, previously requesting access in the Secretariat.

These books come from the Library of Mr. José Alberto Blanco Losada, and have been transferred to the ICAE and the Department of Fundamentals of Economic Analysis II by the Blanco Losada and Salcines Foundation, chaired by Mrs. Dagmar Salcines de Blanco.

The library consultation hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
For inquiries Go to Office 127 at ICAE:
  • Secretaría del Instituto Complutense de Análisis Económico (ICAE)
  • Facultad de Económicas, Pabellón Prefabricado, 1ª planta.
  • Persona de contacto: Nina Falero 
  • Tel.: 91 394 26 11
  • E-mail:

Photo by kazuend on Unsplash
Photo by kazuend on Unsplash

Library Catalog 


A01 ALLEMAN, James H.l Perspectives on Telephone Industry: The Challenge for the Future 1989 Harper and Rowl
A02 ALLEN EISNER, Marc Antitrust and the Triumph of Economics 1991 U. North Carolina
A03 ALLEN, R.G.D. Economía Matemática 1965 Aguilar
A04 ALLEN, R.G.D. Análisis Matemático para Economistas 1974 Aguilar
A05 ALONSO, Ignacio El Perfil del Éxito 1992 Telefónica
A06 ANTONELLI, Cristiano The Economics of Information Netwoks 1992 Elsevier Science
A07 ARIÑO, Gaspar Las Telecomunicaciones por Cable; sus Regulaciones, Presente y Futuro 1996 Marcial Pons
A08 ARMSTRONG, Mark Regulatory Reform-Economic Analysis 1995 The MIT Press
A09 ARNAIZ VELLANDO, Gonzalo Introducción a la Estadadística Teórica 1965 Lex Nova
B01 BAILY, Elisabeth E. The Political Economy of Privatization and Deregulation 1995 Edward Elgar
B02 BAIRD, Douglas G. Game Theory and the Law 1994 Harvard U. Press
B03 BAUMOL, William J. Toward Competition in Local Telephony 1994 The MIT Press
B04 BAUMOL, William J. Teoría Económica Análisis Operaciones 1977 Herrero Hermanos
B05 BAUMOL, William J. Superfairness; Applications + Theory 1986 The MIT Press
B06 BAUMOL, William J. Contestable Markets-Theory of Industry Structure 1988 HBJ
B07 BELL, Tom W. Regulators' Revenge; The Future of Telecommunications Deregulation 1998 Cato Institute
B08 BESANKO, David Economics of Strategy 2000 Wiley & Sons, Inc.
B09 BIJL,Paul Competition Regulation in Telecomunications Market 2000 CPB
B10 BINMORE, Ken Teoría de Juegos 1994 McGraw-Hill
B11 BISHOP, Matthew The Regulatory Challenge 1995 Oxford U. Press
B12 BLACKMON, Glen Incentive Regulation and the Regulation of Incentives 1994 Kluwer Academic Publisher
B13 BLUMENTHAL, Howard J. This Business of Television 1998 Billboard Books
B14 BONBRIGHT, James C. Principles of Public Utility Rates 1988 Public Utilities Reports
B15 BORK, Robert H. The Antitrust Paradox 1993 FREE PRESS
B16 BÖS, Dieter Pricing and Price Regulation: An Economic Theory for Public Enterprises and Public Utilities 1994 Elsevier
B17 BOX, George E. P. Time Series Analysis 1994 Prentice Hall
B18 BROCK, Gerald W. Telecomunication Policy for The Information Age 1994 Harvard U. Press
B19 BROWN, Sthephen J. The Theory of Public Utility Pricing 1986 Cambridge U. Press
B20 BUCHANAN, Allen Ethics, Efficiency and the Market 1988 Rowman & Littlefield Publisher, Inc.
B21 BUCHHOLZ, Todd G. New Ideas from Dead Economists; An Introduction to Modern Economic Thoughts 1989 Penguin Book
B22 BUCKLEY, Peter J. Firms Organizations and Contracts 1996 Oxford U. Press
C01 CABLE, John Current Issues in Industrial Economics 1994 Macmillan Press Ltd.
C02 CABRAL, Luis Economía Industrial 1997 McGraw Hill
C03 CABRAL, Luís M. B. Readings in Industrial Organization 2000 Blackwell Publishers
C04 CASS, Ronald A. International Trade in Telecomunications 1998 AEI Press MIT Press
C05 CHANDLER, Jr., Alfred . Scale and Scope; the dynamics of Industrial Capitalism 1990 Harvard U. Press
C06 CHIANG, Alpha C. Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics 1974 McGraw-Hill
C07 CINI, Michelle Competition Policy in European Union 1998 St. Martin´s Press
C08 COASE, R.H. Essays on Economics and Economists 1994 Univ. of Chicago
C09 CRANDALL, Robert W. After the Breakup; U.S. Telecomunications in a More Comptitive Era 1991 Brooking Institution
C10 CRANDALL, Robert W. The Promise of Regulatory Reform in North American 1995 Brookings Institutation
C11 CRANDALL, Robert W. Cable TV Regulation or Competition? 1996 Brookings Institutation
C12 CREMADES, Javier (Coordinador) Derecho de las Telecomunicaciones 1997 Ministerio Fomento
C13 CREW, Michael A. Economic Innovations in Public Utility Regulation 1992 Kluwer Academic
C14 CURIEN,Nicolás Economie des Télécommunications: Overture et Reglamentation 1992 Economica Ed.
C15 CARLTON/CABRERA Modern Industrial Organization 1994 Harper Collins
C16 CARPENTIER, Michel Telecommunications in Transition 1992 Wiley & Son
D01 DALE, O. Stahl, CHOI, Soon-Yong The Economics of Electronic Commerce 1997 Macmillan Technical Publishing
D02 DAVIS, Morton D. Game Theory -A Nontechnical Introduction- 1983 Dover Publications Inc.
D03 DAVIS, Morton D. Teoría del Juego 1971 Alianza Universal
D04 DEMSETZ, Harold Anti-Trust Economics 1994 Lund Unv. Press
D05 DENNIS, E. y otros. (8 ejemplares) La Sociedad de la Información; Amenazas y Oportunidades 1996 Editorial Complutense
D06 DOLAN, Robert J. Power Princing; How Managing Price Transforms the bottom Line 1996 The Free Press
D07 DORFMAN, Robert Progrmación Lineal y Análisis Económico 1964 Aguilar
D08 DOWNING, Robbie EC Information Technology Law 1995 Wiley & Son
D09 DUESTERBERG, Thomas J. Competition and Deregulation in Telecommunications 1997 Hudson Institute
D10 DUNCAN, R. Games and Decisions 1985 Dover Publications Inc.
D11 DYSON, Robert G. Strategin Planning: Models and Analytical Techs. 1990 Wiley & Son
D12 DONALD, Pierre, A. Optimization Theory with Applications 1986 Dover Publications Inc.
E01 EATWELL, John The World of Economics 1991 Macmillan Press
E02 EGAN, Bruce L. Information Superhighways Revised: The Economics of Multimedia 1996 Artech House Inc.
E03 EGAN, Bruce L. Information Superhighway: The Economics of Advance Public Communications Networks 1991 Artech House
E04 EGGERTSSON, Thráinn Economic behavior and Institutions 1990 Cambridge U. Press
E05 EINHORM, Michael A. Price Caps and Incentive Regulation in Telecommunications 1991 Kluwer Academic
E06 ELZABURU MARQUEZ, Fernando Tiempos de Cambio -Conciencia, Tecnología y Estrategia 1999 2010 Ediciones S.L.
E07 EVANS, Philip Blown to Bits; How the New Economics of Information Transforms Strategy 2000 Harvard B. S. Press
F01 FDEZ. LERGA, Carlos Derecho de la Competencia (C.E. Y España) 1994 Aranzadi
F02 FDEZ. ORDOÑEZ, Miguel A. La Competencia 2000 Alianza Ed.
F03 FISHWICK, Frank Making Sense of competition Policy 1993 Kogan Page Limited
F04 FLEMING, Marcus Economica - Revista nº 65 1950 London School
F05 FRANK, Robert H. Microeconomía y Conducta 1992 McGraw-Hill
F06 FRIEDMAN, David D. Law´s Order 2000 Princeton U. Press
F07 FUDENBERG, Drew Game Theory 1998 The MIT Press
G01 GASS, Saul I. Programación Lineal 1996 Compañía Editorial Continental S.A.
G02 GELLMORN, Ernest Antitrust Law and Economics 1994 West Publishing
G03 GIBBONS, Robert Un Primer Curso de Teoría de Juegos 1992 Antoni Bosch Editor
G04 GILDER, George The Meaning of the Microcosm 1997 Progress & Freedom Foundation
G05 GILDER, George Telecosm; How Infinite Bandwidth Will Revolutionize Our World 2000 Free Press
G06 GLAISTER, Stephen Mathematical Methods for Economists 1972 Gray-Mills Publihing
G07 GOYDER, D.G. EC competition Law 1992 Oxford U. Press
H01 HARPER, J.M. Telecommunications-Policy and Management 1989 Pinter Publishers
H02 HAZLETT, Thomas W. Public Policy toward Cable Television 1997 The MIT Press
H03 HELM, Dieter Competition in Regulated Industries 1998 Oxford U. Press
H04 HIGGINS, Richard S. Deregulating Telecommunications; The Baby Bells Case for Competition 1995 Wiley & Son
H05 HILLIER, Brian The Economics of Asymmetric Information 1997 Macmillan Press
H06 HIRSHLEIFER, Jack Teoría de Precios y sus Aplicaciones 1976 Prentice/Hall Int.
H07 HUNTER, John M. Tariffs, Traffic and Performance ; the Managemant of Cost Effective 1988 Comm Ed Publishing
J01 JEHELE, Geoffrey A. Avanced Microeconomic Theory 1998 Addison-Wesley
J02 JOHANSSON, Per-Olov An Introduction to Modern Welfare Economics 1997 Cambridge U. Press
J03 JOHNSON, Leland L. Toward Competition in Cable Television 1994 The MIT Press
K01 KAHIN, Brian Public Access to the Internet 1995 The MIT Press
K02 KAHN, Alfred E. The Economics of Regulation; Principles and Institutions 1993 The MIT Press
K03 KEEN, Peter G.W. Competing in Time, Using Telecommunications for Competitive Advance 1988 Ballinger Publishing
K04 KEEN, Peter G.W. Shaping the Future, Business Design through Information Technology 1991 Harvard Business School Press
K05 KENNEDY, Peter A Guide to Econometrics 1998 Blackwell Publishers
K06 KNIGHT, Frank H. Riesgo, Incertidumbre y Beneficio 1947 Aguilar
K07 KRATTENMAKER, Thomas G. Regulatin Broadcast Programming 1994 The MIT Press
K08 KREPS, David M. Curso de Teoría Microeconómica 1995 MacGraw-Hill
K09 KUENNE, Robert E. The Economics of Oligopolistic Competition 1992 Blackwell Publishers
K10 KWOKA, Jr. The Antitrust Revolution 1994 Oxford U. Press
L01 LAFFONT, Jean Jacques A Theory of Incentives in Procurement and Regulation 1994 The MIT Press
L02 LAFFONT, Jean Jacques Competition in Telecommunications 2000 The MIT Press
L03 LANGLEY, G. Telecommmunications Primer 1993 Pitman Publishing
L04 LASHERAS, Miguel Angel La Regulación Económica de los Servicios Públicos 1999 Ariel
L05 LEVY, Brian Regulations, Institutions and Commitement 1996 Cambridge U. Press
L06 LORANGE, Peter Strategic Planning Systems 1977 Prentice Hall
M01 MacAVOY, Paul W. The Failure of Antitrust to Establish Competition in Long-Distance Telephone Services 1996 The MIT Press
M02 MACHO-STADLER, Inés An Introduction to the Economics of Information 1997 Oxford U. Press
M03 MANKIW, Gregory Macroeconomía 1997 Antoni Bosch
M04 MANSELL, Robin The New Telecommunications 1993 SAGE
M05 MARSHALL, Alfred Principles of Economics 1997 Prometheus Book
M06 MARTIN, Stephen Industrial Economics 1994 Prentice Hall
M07 MARTIN, Stephen Advanced Industrial Economics 1996 Blackwell
M08 MAS-COLELL, Andreu Microeconomic Theory 1995 Oxford U. Press
M09 McCHESNEY, Fred S. The Causes and Consequences of Antitrust 1995 U. Chicago Press
M10 McKNIGHT, Lee W. Internet Economics 1997 The MIT Press
M11 MERCURO, Nicholas Economics and the Law 1997 Princeton U. Press
M12 MERRETT, A.J. The Finance and Analysis of Capital Projects 1976 Longman
M13 MILTON, L Universal Service: Competition, Interconnection and Monopoly in the Marking of American Telephone System 1997 The MIT Press
M14 MINOLI, Daniel Telecommunications Technology Handbook 1991 Artech House Inc.
M15 MITCHELL, Bridger M. (2 ejemplares) Telecommunications Pricing-Theory and Practice- 1991 Cambridge U. Press
M16 MIZRAHI Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences : An Apploied Approach 1979 Wiley & Son
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O04 Organisation for Economics Dev. Price caps for Telecommunications 1995 OECD-nº 37
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S05 SCHMALENSEE, Richard-Vol.2 Handbook of Industrial Organization 1996 Elsevier Science
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Y01 YERGIN, Daniel Commanding Heights 1998 Simon & Schuster
Z01 ZAJAC, Edward E. Political Economy of Fairness 1996 The MIT Press

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