Proyectos de Investigación

Picture credits: Meeting room. Public Domain. 


Jurisprudence collection:

Cases before national courts and the CJEU will be compiled for the period since 21 October 2005 until February 2019.



Interviews with practitioners will be conducted in order to discern their preferred enforcement strategies and the difficulties that they encounter. In particular, the consortium will conduct interviews with 10 lawyers per country in order to determine their reasons for using one or the other Regulation when enforcing pecuniary claims.

Other interviews will be conducted with other stakeholders, namely 3 to 5 consumer organizations per country in order to determine the reasons why people prefer or organizations recommend using certain instruments above others. Every national partner will also conduct interviews with 5 businesses and 3 judges per country having knowledge in applying the Regulations, particularly those of specialized courts. The qualitative findings will help to further improve consistency of the existing EU procedural framework.

The interviews, data collection and data analysis will be done in consistency with established good research practices.



Every partner will organize two workshops at national level (in 2018 and 2019) and a final conference will take place in Belgium in order to present the final research findings and have practitioners, policy-makers and other academics involved.