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Selection and recruitment procedures

The work process

From April to December 2018, the group analized the current selection procedures concerning predoctoral and postdoctoral positions funded by UCM own financing, as well as selection procedures related to research staff hired within externally funded research projects, in the light of the OTM-R standard.

In order to  make our selection processes more Open, Transparent and Merit-Based, the group ellaborated Internal Guidelines for the three selection procedures, as well as Guidelines for applicants, Guidelines for online Applicants, and other tools addressed to improve our selection and recruitment procedures. 

The group shall continue working on general guidelines for other research staff selection and recruitment procedures.

Working group members


  • José Ramón Regueiro. Director of the PhD Programme Research in Medical-Surgical Sciences. Director of the Department of Immunology, Ophthalmology and ENT. Member of the research group Lymphocyte Immunobiology.  School of Medicine. Academic Senate. Regulations Committee.
  • Pilar Marín Palacios. Director of the Institute of Applied Magnetism. Member of the research group applied magnetism group and magnetic nanostructures. Department of Material Physics. School of Physics Sciences.  
  • Emmanuela Lombardo. Director of the research group gender and politics. Department of Politicy and Administration Science. School of Political and Social Science.
  • Jesús Escribano Martínez. Department of Computer Systems and Computation. School of Mathematics. Academic Senate.
  • Manuel Salamanca López. Director of the Master programme on  Written Historical Heritage. Management coordinator of the Virtual campus. Member of the research group Numismatics and Documentary and Epigraphic research. Department of American and Medieval History and Historiographic Sciences
  • Raquel Cortés Gil, Facultad de Químicas.
  • Pedro Roda Navarro. Codirector of the research group on Lymphocitye Immunobiology. Department of Immunology, Ophthalmology and ENT. School of Medicine.
  • Javier León Caballero. Member of the research group Decision making models in logistics and disaster management ( humaniterian logistics). School of Mathematics. 

Management staff:

Coordinates: Marta Arregui García-Miguel. support technician to the manager. Since October 2019: Meritxel López Gallardo, Advisor to the Vice-Rector for Research and Transfer