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Project evaluation

Does my project need to be evaluated by a committee?

This document is addressed to the principal investigators of projects with ethical and / or biosafety implications that must be evaluated by the Ethics Committee that has competence in the matter.
The following table shows the types of research activities that should be evaluated, as well as the Committee responsible for the evaluation and monitoring of said activity:
Table 1: instructions
The following link is a quick guide to determine if your project needs to be evaluated: LINK1

If an evaluation by one or more of the Committees is necessary, it is necessary to fill in the application form. A request is completed for each project to be evaluated, it indicates to which Committee / s the evaluation should be sent. LINK2.

The main researcher of the project must consider that relevant information from the ethical and / or biosafety point of view, indicating in each question of the application form, when requested, the exact location (page / section) of this information in the report. of the project to evaluate.
The complete report of the project will be attached in section 8. The rest of the documentation requested will be attached in sections 9 to 12, as indicated. In those cases in which the information contained in the project does not respond to the
questions of the form, or the main researcher wants to provide additional information, it may be expanded in the form itself (observations / additional information).
The secretariat of the UCM Research Ethics Committee, once the documentation has been received and prior to its evaluation, confirms its receipt and communicates, when necessary, the need to provide documentation or information
additional. Once the file is complete, it will be forwarded to the appropriate Committee or Committees for evaluation.
The final evaluation by the corresponding Committee results in the issuance of a justified report, a copy of which is sent to the UCM Research Ethics Committee, and to the principal investigator of the project.
It is a mandatory requirement to have a Favorable Report from the corresponding Committees or from any other necessary instance, in order to start executing the proposed activity.