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Implementation of the Action Plan

The implementation of the Action Plan shall be developed with the participation of involved stakeholders. The implementation structure defined included:

Implementation Working Group

Responsible of the strategy and overseing the development of the Action Plan, is composed by:

  • Vicerector for Knowledge Transfer and Entrepreneurship
  • Vicerector for Scientific Policy, Research and PhD programmes
  • Vicerector for Academic Policy and Teaching Staff
  • Vicerector for Information Technologies
  • Rector's Delegate for Continuing Training, External Practices and Employability
  • Vicemanager for Research and Academic Policy
  • Support technician to the manager.

Specific Working Teams

Responsible for the general definition and development of the actions described in the Action Plan, SWTs shall be composed by researches at different levels of their careers and management staff, specifically appointed in each SWT.


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