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Gap Analysis & Action Plan

In May 2017, we started the Gap Analysis and the elaboration of the Action Plan with the aim to align the policies and practices of the UCM with the principles of the Charter and Code.

Steering Commitee

A Committee was created to oversee the Gap Analysis and Action Plan. 

  • Members of the Committee were representatives from:
  • Vice-presidency for Knowledge Transfer and Entrepreneurship;
  • Vice-presidency for Scientific Policy, Research and Doctorate Degrees;
  • Vice-presidency for Quality;
  • Vice-management for Research and Academic Policy;
  • Support technician to the manager.

Composed by researchers at differente phases of their career and management staff, several Working Groups were created: 

  • R3&R4 Working Group.
  • R1&R2 Working Group.
  • Together with a Focus Group concerning OTM-R.

Working groups performed an in deep analysis of the four groups of principles of the Charter and Code and the OTM-R at UCM, and suggested improvement measures in order to increase the alignment of UCM practices and policies with such principles and the OTM-R.

Several workshops were held, with R1&R2 Working Group, R3&R4 Working Group and the Steering Committee, in order to reflect, refine and validate the Gap Analysis and the Action Plan.

The Action Plan was approved by the UCM Governing Board on February 2018.