Francisco J. André

Department of Economic Analysis

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Francisco J. André

Associate Professor (Profesor Titular de Universidad)




Research Interests

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Microeconomics and Industrial Organization

Optimization (particularly, multiple-critera decision making) applied to economic and environmental problems


Selected Recent Publications

  •  Valenciano-Salazar, J.A., André F.J. & Martin-de Castro (2022) Sustainability and firms’ mission in a developing country: the case of voluntary certifications and programs in Costa Rica. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management 65(11): 2029-2053.
  • Valenciano-Salazar, J.A., André F.J. & Soliño, M. (2021) Societal awareness of environmental certifications in Costa Rica. Journal of Cleaner Production 286(1), 124966.
  • Andre, F.J. & Valenciano-Salazar, J.A. (2020) Becoming Carbon Neutral in Costa Rica to be more sustainable. Sustainability 12(2), 737l.
  • Andre, F.J. & de Castro, L.M. (2019) Strategic interaction among firms in output and &emission markets: a unified approach. Chapter 17 in Pineau, P.O., Sigue, S. & Taboubi S. (eds.) Games in Management Science. Essays in the Honor of Geourges Zaccour. Springer. pp. 205-229.
  • Alvarez, F., Mazon, C. & Andre, F.J. (2019) Assigning pollution permits: are uniform auctions efficient? Economic Theory 67(1): 211-248.
  • Andre, F.J. & Arguedas, C. (2018) Technology adoption in emission trading programs with market power. The Energy Journal 39 SI1: 145-174.
  • Andre, F.J. & de Castro, L.M. (2017). Scarcity climate rents under a carbon price with oligopoly competition. Oxford Economic Papers; doi: 10.1093/oep/gpw073.
  • Alvarez, F., & André, F. J. (2016). Auctioning Emission Permits with Market Power. B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy: doi 10.1515/bejeap-2015-0041.
  • Alonso-Paulí, E., & André, F. J. (2015). Standardized environmental management systems as an internal management tool. Resource and Energy Economics40, 85-106.
  • Alvarez, F., & André, F. J. (2015). Auctioning Versus Grandfathering in Cap-and-Trade Systems with Market Power and Incomplete Information.Environmental and Resource Economics, 62, 873–906.
  • André, F. J., & Smulders, S. (2014). Fueling growth when oil peaks: Directed technological change and the limits to efficiency. European Economic Review,69, 18-39.
  • André, F. J., Cardenete, M. A., & Lima, M. C. (2012). Using a CGE model to identify the policy trade-off between unemployment and inflation. The efficient Phillips curve. Economic Systems Research24(4), 349-369.
  • André, F.J., Sokri, A. & Zaccour, G. (2011) "Public disclosure policies vs. traditional approaches for environmental regulation: green goodwil and the policies of the firm”,European Journal of Operational Research, 212, pp. 199-212.
  • André, F.J., Cardenete, M.A. & Romero, C. (2010) “Designing Public Policies. An Approach Based on Multi-Criteria Analysis and Computable General Equilibrium Modelling", Colección Lectures Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems, 642. Editado por Springer y Fundación BBVA.
  • André, F.J., Herrero, I. & Riesgo, L. (2010) “A modified DEA model to estimate the importance of objectives with an application to agricultural economics”, OMEGA-The International Journal of Management Science, 28, pp. 371-382.
  • André, F.J., González, P. & Porteiro, N. (2009) “Strategic Quality Choice and the Porter Hypothesis”, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 57, pp. 182-194.
  • André, F.J. & Cardenete, M.A. (2009) “Designing Efficient Subsidy Policies in a Regional Economy. A MCDM-CGE Approach”, Regional Studies, 43, pp. 1035-1046.



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