Assotiate Professor (Titular Universidad), Microeconomics.
Ph. D. in Economics, Universidad Complutense Madrid, 1997.
B.S. in Economics, Universidad Complutense Madrid, 1991.
"Nunca fui lo que no pude ser
Y pudiera ser que solo soy lo que he podido"

Fito Cabrales

Activity as organizer:

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Research interests:

  • Multi-unit multi-bid auctions.
  • Applications of Dynamic Optimization to economics.
  • Applications of Machine Learning to economics.


Papers in JCR indexed journals: [1]

[1] JCR indexed in the year of submission or later.

[2] In the year of first submission is Scopus and Scholar Google indexed, among others.

Currently under review:

  •  Online auction markets before and during the lockdown (with A. García-Hiernaux and M. Sartarelli).

Other Referred Scientific Publications:

  • A Machine Learning Research Template for Binary Classification Problems and Shapley Values Integration. Software impacts. Vol. 8, May 2021, 100074. Elsevier. DOI: (with M. Smith)
  • Cross-bidding in eBay-like environments. Chapter in: Dynamic Analysis in Complex Economics environments. Dynamic Modeling and Econometrics in Economics and Finance book series (DMEF, volume 26), pp. 5-27. Springer. (ISBN: Print 978-3-030-52969-7; Online: 978-3-030-52970-3) (with M. Sartarelli).
  • Maximizing and satisfycing in a choice model based on time allocation, International Journal of Complex Systems in Science, Vol 4(1), pp. 1-6 (2014) (with J.M. Rey and R.G. Sanchís).
  • Pareto-improving cheating in an economic policy game. Chapter in: Stability and Control: Theory Methods and Applications, Vol 22. (ISBN 0-415-30997-2), Chapman & Hall/CRC Florida, USA, 2004, 363-379 (with Ch. Deissenberg).
  • (In spanish) Subastas del Tesoro ¿Cómo debe vender el Tesoro la deuda pública? Chapter in: Estudios en homenaje a Luis Angel Rojo : políticas, mercados e instituciones económicas. Vol 1 ( ISBN 84-7491-764-6), España, 343-366 (with C. Mazón).
  • Opportunity cost of CO2 emission reductions: developing vs. developed economies, Working paper Instituto Complutense Estudios Internacionales, WP12/09, ISBN: 978-84-692-4272-8.

Other Publications:

Four most recent funded research projects (complete list in my CV):

  • Mecanismos, decisiones colectivas y políticas públicas. Funded by Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (Spain). Grant reference PID 2020-114309GB-100. From 2021 to 2023. Researcher.
  • Reglas de elección, mecanismos y decisiones políticas. Funded by Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovacion y Universidades. Grant reference ECO2017-86245-P. From 2018 to 2020. Researcher.
  • Instituciones de mercado, capital humano y tecnología. Funded by Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (Spain). Grant reference ECO2014-56676-C2-2-P. Researcher. From 2015 to 2017.
  • Análisis de mercados: Subastas de Deuda Pública y mercados de derechos de CO2. Funded by Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia (Spain). Grant reference SEJ2007-65722  from 2007 to 2010. Main researcher.

Teaching areas:

  • Dynamic Optimization.
  • Game Theory.
  • Introductory Microeconomics.
  • Calculus.

Supervised Thesis:

  • Luis E. Nuño Sevilla (2004).
  • Leonora Millán (2005).
  • Raúl Gutierrez (2013).
  •  Matthew Smith (2022)

Visiting research positions:

  • Tinbergen Institute (Universiteit van Amsterdam), from Sep 1997 to Feb 1998.
  • Centre d-Economie et de Finances Internationales, Universitee Aix-Marseille II, from Sep 1999 to Feb 2000.
  • Department of Economics, Univeristy of Maryland, from Sep 2017 to Dec 2017.
  • Instituto de Políticas y Bienes Públicos, CSIC, from Sep 2019 to Dec 2019.

Programming languages:

  • Numerical methods & Econometrics: currently Python and R, in the past Matlab and Pascal.
  • Documents: Latex. 

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Postal address:
Departmento Análisis Económico y Economía Cuantitativa, Fac. CC. Económicas, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Campus de Somosaguas, Prefabricado, Office N321 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, 28223