Alberto López Sebastián

Departament of Economic Analysis

Associate Professor (Profesor Titular de Universidad)


Phone: +34 91 394 3158


Room 305 (Pabellón Prefabricado)



Microeconomics (undergraduate and master program)

Industrial Organization (master program)

Innovation Indicators and Measurement (master program)


Research interests:

Economics of Innovation

Empirical Industrial Organization


Selected publications:

The role of information technology and workplace organization on firm productivity: Evidence from Spanish firms, Economics of Innovation and New Technology, 33(2), 282-298, 2024

Growth effects of economic conditions at birth: The role of public funding for technology-based start-ups, Economics of Innovation and New Technology, 31(6), 511-538, 2022 (with Huergo, E.)

Technological spillovers from multinational firms, The World Economy, 43(12), 3184-3202, 2020 (with Barge-Gil, A. and Núñez-Sánchez, R.)

Empirical models of firms' R&D, chapter 18 in Handbook of Game Theory and Industrial Organization, Volume II, L. Corchón and M. Marini (eds.), Edward Elgar, 2018 (with Barge-Gil, A., Huergo, E. and Moreno, L.)

R versus D: Estimating the differentiated effect of research and development on innovation results, Industrial and Corporate Change, 24(1), 93-129, 2015 (with Barge-Gil, A.)

R&D determinants: accounting for the differences between research and development, Research Policy, 43(9), 1634-1648, 2014 (with Barge-Gil, A.)

Outsourcing and firm productivity: a production function approach, Empirical Economics, 47(3), 977-998, 2014

Assessing the impact of domestic outsourcing and offshoring on productivity at the firm level, Applied Economics, 46(15), 1814-1828, 2014 (with Fariñas, J.C. and Martín-Marcos, A.)

Understanding co-operative innovative activity: Evidence from four European countries, Economics of Innovation and New Technology, 18(3), 243-265, 2009, (with Abramovsky, L., Kremp, E., Schmidt, T. and Simpson, H.)

Determinants of R&D cooperation: Evidence from Spanish manufacturing firms, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 26(1), 13-136, 2008


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