ENGLISH ACROSS THE CURRICULUM (EAC-UCM) is an academic program specially designed for students from the United States which continues and expands on the traditional relationship that the UNIVERSIDAD COMPLUTENSE DE MADRID has had with American academic institutions for almost 60 years.


The aim of EAC-UCM is to offer all possible resources of the Complutense University to North American college and university students giving them the option of enrolling in a wide variety of subjects that can meet the expectations of students of different levels and needs by offering courses conducted in English as well as Spanish. Within the EAC-UCM program, visiting students and institutions of higher learning in the United States can access a variety of courses designed specifically for them, meeting their academic needs within the model of their home institutions while also offering the option of including them in the Spanish system sharing the classroom with native students.


The program also allows the creation of tailored independent models for any institutions that require it, adding to the EAC offering the proposals that each institution needs for its particular interests and that of its students. Accordingly, intensive courses, directed classes, independent studies, tutorials, internships, volunteering or specific courses can be incorporated for a specific need of any home institution. Summer programs as well academic year programs can be accommodated.


The program offers the entire organization and support that each home institution needs for the maintenance and development of its individual program: housing, travel and cultural activities, as well as the medical, personal and other essential needs that students require from a study abroad program. This will be managed through the UCM PRIME MERIDIAN office, whose personnel have thirty years of experience in the development and maintenance of study abroad programs in Spain.