PRIME MERIDIAN is the name of the office for the management and administration of EAC-UCM programs. All the steps, from providing information to help with the decision to become a student of EAC-UCM up to the final issues concerning transfer of grades, etc., will be performed by PRIME MERIDIAN. Our staff has more than 30 years of experience administering to the needs of American students and their institutions.

All the support that a student studying abroad needs can be provided by our office.  Individual American institutions can decide what services they require from Prime Meridian: housing, excursions and other activities, organization, advising, airport transportation, etc.



The PRIME MERIDIAN office will help students and their institutions to manage the registration for courses, the change of subjects if necessary, and the use of campus installations and services. From the first day, with an orientation and tour of the Complutense, through the end of the program with the certificates and grades, the office of PRIME MERIDIAN is open to help our students have an unforgettable experience and enjoy all that the Universidad Complutense has to offer.


HOUSING: Our students live with Spanish families, or in dorms or residences depending on their preferences or the requirements of their institutions.


We have extensive experience in the selection of our home stay families, and the final evaluation of our students after living with our families acts as a guarantor of the quality of the experience. The relationship with the family members, the homemade food, the personal care and the improvement in the student´s use of the language and knowledge of Spanish culture and traditions are a great complement to the classroom experience. All our family homes are located close to the metro or other public transportation with very convenient access to the University and city activities.


The residences are very well located and equipped with everything necessary for comfortable accommodation. Prime Meridian works with the best residences in town. The dorms, which used to be part of the Complutense campus, offer good conditions and the benefit of being part of the Complutense community with the opportunity of participating fully in student life on campus.


Cafeteria-Dining Room





Room II


ACTIVITIES: We offer participating institutions the option to decide what activities they desire to offer their students: excursions, museum and other cultural visits, sporting events or whatever they prefer to enrich the study abroad experience.


The PRIME MERIDIAN office has extensive experience in the organization of activities. We have been carrying out excursions in Spain for groups of students for decades visiting the most impressive cities, combined with other activities such as visiting monuments, museums, cooking experiences, other hands on activities, and all that a country full of possibilities has to offer. Prime Meridian also has considerable experience with travel around Europe and Morocco. For instance, in recent years we had the privilege of organizing visits to key cities and institutions of the European Union for a course in Political Science and we used to do a wonderful tour to Andalucía and Morocco for a course on Spanish-Muslim Art.

PRIME MERIDIAN can tailor its services to the needs and requirements of individual American institutions to ensure that their students receive the level of support they deem necessary.