Proyectos de Investigación



The group has access to mechanical workshop facilities, a 20 m2 clean chamber class 100000 and a 50 m2 laboratory.  Besides the standard facilities for electronics design, UCM-ELEC lab offers advanced instrumentation such as


    • A 12 GHz oscilloscope with probes for surface mount sampling;
    • two vector network/impedance analyzers covering the range 5 Hz - 20 GHz,
    • three spectrum analyzers covering the range 100 mHz - 6 GHz;
    • a precision voltage source/nanoamperimeter;
    • a chamber with thermal control between -10 to 70 ºC; 
    • two portable Electromagnetic Field detectors covering the range 5 Hz- 3 GHz;
    • an SMD advanced rework/soldering station;
    • ps-range pulsed light sources and
    • an IR thermographic camera with different lenses.