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Innovation Projects

Ivan Blanco

Post-Doc Researcher

Iván Blanco received his doctorate from the Complutense University of Madrid under the tutelage of Prof. Carmelo Vázquez His research tasks are focused on the study of mechanisms. Cognitive underlying psychological disorders. Specifically, study the biases cognitives present in depression and experimental paradigms developments aimed at modify them In turn, he is also interested in the study of human well-being and in the Development of clinical practices aimed at promoting it. Committed to teaching innovation has developed the educational project EXPERIMENT whose purpose is to encourage participation in student research (https://psicologia.ucm.es/experimenta). Finally, Iván Blanco has completed a pre-doctoral stay at Yale University (under the address of Professor Jutta Joormann), currently, is making a stay post-doctorate at the University of Ghent under the supervision of Prof. Rudi De Raedt.