English specialisation for primary teachers


Specialise in teaching English as a Foreign Language to children

Next application period between February and March, 2024 

All the information on the application process is at this LINK

Our programme for specialising in EFL for Primary consists of a fixed itinerary of 4 elective courses which students must complete during their undergraduate studies in Primary Education (now also available to graduates, who can complete the specialisation in one year); they also carry out teaching practice periods in English and CLIL classrooms during the second, third and fourth years of their studies, and complete reports on the practicum, as well as the undergraduate dissertation, in English.  All of the elective courses for this specialisation are scheduled between 13:00 and 17:00, from Monday to Friday, so students must reserve these times for studying and be able to attend the lessons regularly.

 The elective courses that make up this specialisation (mención) are:




CLIL TEACHER TRAINING (Formación para el bilingüismo - inglés)

In addition, students are placed for the final, three-month long teaching practicum period in bilingual schools in Madrid, and write their practicum reports and undergraduate dissertation in English.

The English specialisation offers students the opportunity to complete their studies with an international profile, through the presence of professors from English-speaking countries who instruct some of the specialisation courses, the integration of methodologies and approaches from abroad in the courses, telecollaboration, advantages for applying to Erasmus+ studies or practicum abroad programmes, and many other opportunities such as scolarships and grants for stays abroad, language assistant placements abroad, MA scholarships, etc.

The need for primary teachers with the accreditation for English teaching, as well as teachers with advanced proficiency in English, across the spectrum of schools in Madrid, leads to greater chances for finding employment (see the table below, with the numbers of specialist teacher job offers from last year's "oposiciones" in Madrid, (2019), more information here).  All this in addition to the lifelong advantages that the command of languages provides.

 Convocatoria oposiciones maestros Madrid 2019