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Academic profile


Julia Lavid-López is Full Professor of English Linguistics at Universidad Complutense de Madrid since 2006, where she has developed an outstanding academic career as researcher, instructor, faculty member and Chair of the department of English Philology I (2010-2014). She was elected Director of the Instituto Universitario de Lenguas Modernas y Traductores (Research Institute for Modern Languages and Translation) at UCM in 2018 and continues in office. 

Julia has developed an international career in the USA, as invited visiting scholar at the ISI (Information Sciences Institute, USC), and in Europe, through her research stays and collaboration in multiple projects and research-networks funded by the European Commission, and other European funding bodies. Her research interests cover a wide range of topics related to the functional analysis of English (often in comparison with Spanish and other European languages), using computational and corpus-based methodologies. She has an extensive list of high-impact publications, including nine books and more than ninety articles published in international journals or as book chapters in international collective volumes, presented papers and given plenary talks at many international conferences.

She has also been the principal investigator of multiple research projects, funded by national and international institutions, and is currently Principal Investigator of the FUNCAP research group at Universidad Complutense, with external collaborations with outstanding research groups in Europe, Canada and the USA. Julia also has an extensive editorial experience, as co-editor-in-chief of the Complutense Journal of English Studies (Estudios Ingleses de la Universidad Complutense) for ten years (2005-2015), and as member of the editorial boards of numerous international journals. She has served in numerous international scientific committees and evaluated book proposals for highly-reputed international publishers.