Dafouz Milne, Emma

Emma Dafouz Milne - UCM


- BA in English Linguistics (UCM)

- MSc in Applied Linguistics - Edinburgh University (UK)

- PhD in English Linguistics (UCM)PhD Thesis: (2000)


Research groups: Research profiles:

- MINECO Research group INTER-LICA  

UCM Research Group


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Policy Advisor for Curricular Internationalisation at UCM (2014-19).

Member of the CRUE (Spanish Rector's Conference) - Subgroup of Language Policies.

Coordinator of ICLHE Spain Regional Group.


Dafouz, E., & Smit, U. (2020). 

ROAD-MAPPING English medium education
in the Internationalised University

Palgrave McMillan.



After graduating at UCM, I obtained a grant from Stevenson Foundation and British Council to complete a Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics at Edinburgh University.

From a research perspective, my work focuses on language and education, Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), classroom discourse, English-medium instruction (EMI) and language policies in higher education. As a member of the Spanish Rector’s Conference (CRUE), within the sub-group of Internationalisation, I have co-authored the framework document for Language Policies and the Internationalization of Spanish Universities.

My research publications include over 50 articles in national and international journals (such as Applied LinguisticsEnglish for Specific PurposesJournal of PragmaticsInternational Journal of Bilingualism and Bilingual EducationModern Language Journal or Language and Education) and book chapters in Benjamins, Peter Lang, Multilingual Matters, Rodopi or Richmond-Santillana. At present, I coordinate (principal investigator) an interdisciplinary research group (INTER-LICA) with colleagues from the School of Business and Economics at the UCM, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, and a UCM research group since 2006. I also participate as member of the international Project EQUIIP, which seeks to develop actions to support continuing professional development of educators in international settings (see other projects below).

I have acted as reviewer for research funding institutions (e.g. External expert for the evaluation of research projects (ANEP, Spain), Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) (January  2017) and Santander-UCM Research Projects (2016) and Dutch Association for Scientific Research (NWO)). I have served as a member of the AESLA (Spanish Association of Applied Linguistics) scientific committee that grants its yearly research award (2013-15). I belong to the editorial board and board of referees of several academic journals (Classroom DiscourseELIA (Estudios en Lingüística Aplicada), European-American Journal of Applied Linguistics and LanguagesAtlantis and Routledge Studies in English-Medium Instruction and am also external reviewer for more than 20 national and international journals (e.g. Applied LinguisticsLanguage PolicyEnglish for Academic PurposesESPSystemHigher EducationStudies in Higher Education,RESLA, among others). As keynote speaker, I have been invited to numerous universities and colleges abroad (Luxembourgh, Porto, Lithuania, Bordeaux, Greece, Middlebury College, Instituto Cervantes Berlin, etc.) and in Spain to Murcia, Jaume I, Pablo de Olavide, Francisco de Vitoria, Vic, Córdoba, Autónoma de Madrid, etc.

At the UCM I was Academic Coordinator of the Master's in English Linguistics from 2010-12. Since 1998 I teach courses in Applied Linguistics, CLIL, ELT Methodology and Discourse Analysis at graduate and postgraduate level and also supervise Master-Level and Doctoral students on topics related to CLIL, second/foreign language teacher education, classroom discourse and English-medium instruction. I am also interested in projects on Language Policies and Teacher Education.

My work has relevance for higher education institutions seeking to better understand the growing internationalization of their contexts from a language policy perspective and their teaching and learning practices.

Most relevant publications

(i) Artículos en Revistas científicas /Articles in scientific journals

  • Dafouz, E., Haines, K. & Pagèze, J. (2019) Supporting educational developers in the era of internationalised higher education: insights from a European project, International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, DOI: 10.1080/13670050.2019.1651818

  • Dafouz, E. (2018). English-medium instruction and teacher education programmes in higher education: ideological forces and imagined identities at work”, International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, 21(5): 540-552. (SJR) Cites: 9. Impact factor: 1.198 (Q1).

  • Dafouz, E., Hüttner, J., & Smit, U. (2018). New Contexts, New Challenges for TESOL: Understanding Disciplinary Reasoning in Oral Interactions in English‐Medium Instruction. TESOL Quarterly, 52(3), 540-563.

  • Dafouz, E. (2018). English-medium instruction and teacher education programmes in higher education: ideological forces and imagined identities at work. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, 21(5), 540-552.

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  • Dafouz Milne, E. (2003) “Metadiscourse Revisited: a contrastive study of persuasive writing in professional discourse”. Estudios Ingleses de la Universidad Complutense, 11: 29-52.

(ii) Libros/Books

  • Dafouz, E., & Smit, U. (forthcoming). Roadmapping English medium education in the Internationalised University. Palgrave Pivot.

  • Dafouz, E. and Guerrini, M. (2009) (eds) CLIL across Educational Levels: Experiences from Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Contexts. Madrid/London: Richmond Santillana.

(iii) Capítulos de libros/ Chapters in books

  • Dafouz, E., & Smit, U. (2017). A sociolinguistic examination of the multifaceted Roles of English in English-medium education in multilingual university settings. In Ana Llinares & Tom Morton (eds.) Applied Linguistics Perspectives on CLIL. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 287-306.

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  • Dafouz, E. and Núñez, B. (2010) Metadiscursive devices in university lectures: A contrastive analysis of L1 and L2 teacher performance, in Christiane Dalton-Puffer, Tarja Nikula and Ute Smit (eds.) Language Use and Language Learning in CLIL Classrooms, Amsterdam / Philadelphia, John Benjamins, pp. 213-231

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(iv) Reseñas/ Reviews

  • Dafouz, E. (Artículo reseña) (2006) O`Grady, W. How Children Learn language (Cambridge University Press, 2005) En First Language Journal ( 5): 342-344.

  • Dafouz, E. (Artículo reseña) (2005) Moya, V. (2004) La Selva de la Traducción. Teorías Traductológicas Contemporáneas. Madrid: Cátedra. En Quaderns . Revista de Traducció, . Volumen 12: 268-271.

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Becas, ayudas y premios recibidos/ Grants and awards

  • Becaria de la Stevenson Foundation (Escocia) y el British Council para la realización de un Máster en Lingüística Aplicada en la Universidad de Edimburgo (curso 1991-92).

  • Beca de intercambio de expertos investigadores CIMO-Gobierno de Finlandia y Gobierno de España (junio-julio 1997).

Investigación/ Research Interests

(i) Líneas de investigación/Research lines

  • Análisis del discurso /Discourse Analysis

  • Lingüística contrastiva /Contrastive Linguistics

  • Lingüística Aplicada /Applied Linguistics

  • Aprendizaje integrado de contenidos y lengua extranjera (AICLE/Content and Language Integrated Learning).

(ii) Proyectos de Investigación recientes

  • Miembro investigador de EQUIIP (Educational Quality at Universities for Inclusive International Programmes) Erasmus +KA2. desde: 2016-2019. Investigador principal: Dr. Kevin Haines (Uni. Groningen, Holanda)

  • Investigador Principal, (REF. FFI2013-41235-R) Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad: La Internacionalización de la Educación Superior en los Grados Bilingües: Análisis de los Retos Lingüísticos, Culturales y Académicos. (2014-17)

  • Miembro del grupo internacional ConCLIL (Conceptualising Content and Language Integrated Learning). Academia de Finlandia. 2011-2014. Investigador principal. Tarja Nikula. Jivaskyla University.

  • Miembro del equipo internacional English Profile Network, Cambridge University Press, componente del “Lifelong Learning Programme”, sub-programa KA2 Languages.

  • Investigador Principal, Grupo de Investigación UCM (Proyecto cofinanciado por UCM-CAM). (REF. CCG06-UCM/ENE-1061 ). El Aprendizaje y Enseñanza Integrada de Contenidos y Lengua Extranjera en la Educación Superior. Enero-diciembre 2007.

  • Investigador Principal, Proyecto de investigación UCM . La Enseñanza Integrada de Contenidos y Lengua Extranjera en la Educación Superior (REF. PR1/06-14457-B). Enero-diciembre 2006.

  • CLIL across Contexts: A scaffolding framework for CLIL teacher education . ( REF: 128751-CP-1-20061-LU-COMENIUS-C21 ). Entidad financiadora: European Comission. Octubre 2006 a octubre 2009. Investigadora principal: Marie-Anne Hansen (Universidad de Luxemburgo).

  • Análisis lingüístico de la producción oral y escrita de alumnos de Educación Secundaria que cursan la asignatura de geografía e historia en inglés, dentro del marco de la enseñanza integrada de contenido y lenguas extranjeras en la Comunidad de Madrid . Entidad financiadora: Comunidad de Madrid y Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (09/SHD/017105). 2006 y prorrogado para 2007. Investigadora principal: Ana Llinares García , UAM

(iii) Otros proyectos de investigación

  • El Bilingüismo como estrategia para el fomento del plurilingüismo en Europa . (Bilingualer Unterricht als Beitrag zur Förderung von Mehrsprachigkeit in Europa) . Entidad financiadora: Comenius 2.1 (94435-CP-1-2001-1-DE-COMENIUS-C21). 2001- 2004. Investigador principal: Werner Altmann , Universidad de Ausburgo (Alemania).

  • Análisis contrastivo de la expresión de la evidencialidad en inglés y en español: Un estudio de corpus de textos argumentativos escritos por universitarios, hablantes nativos de ambas lenguas , IP: Dra. Joanne Neff. (Proyecto coordinado, Ministerio de Educación, BFF 2000-0699-C02-01), 2001-2003.

  • ICLE (International Corpus of Learner English Project), Directora del proyecto europeo, Dra. Sylviane Granger, Centre d"Etudes Anglaises, Université Catholique de Louvain, Bélgica, l993/presente. Directora del proyecto en España: Dra. Joanne Neff , UCM.

Miembro Comité científico de revistas/ Member of Scientific Committee

  • Classroom Discourse, Routledge Publisher.

  • Anglogermánica on-line: Publicación electrónica del Departamento de Filología Inglesa y Germánica de la Universidad de Valencia (http:// ISSN: 1695-6168.


  • AESLA (Asociación española de Lingüística Aplicada)

  • AEDEAN (Asociación Española de Estudios Anglonorteamericanos)

  • AAA (American Association of Applied Linguistics)

  • CLIL-Ren (Content and Language Integrated learning Research Network)(www. clil /)