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The Complutense University of Madrid has launched a complementary training programme with an offer of Cross-curricular subjects that allows students to obtain an Entrepreneurship Diploma. The main goal is that any Complutense University of Madrid student, regardless of their training, can develop transversal skills that allow them to transform their business ideas into profitable companies.

In order to obtain the 150-hour Diploma of Permanent Training in Entrepreneurship, students must take 5 subjects throughout their career, 4 of which are part of the compulsory module, and the fifth is chosen by the student from among different options.


Compulsory Subjects:

1.-Business Strategy: Development of the abilities needed to create profitable business models ensuring the viability of the business.

2.-MarketingDevelopment of skills for creating a marketing plan that will promote your business through physical and digital tools.

3.-Finance: Learning of instruments and tools to create financial plans with which you can convince investors of the viability of your business.

4.-Project's LabImmersion in the university's entrepreneurial ecosystem, participating in the wide range of possibilities offered by Compluemprende to guide your project.

These 4 subjects must be taken by the student.


Elective Subjects (choose at least one of the following):

5.-Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship: this subject is promoted by Social Entrepreneurship Chair UCM-Santander which is focused in the different approaches to Social Entrepreneurship, and how social value is specified in the projects.

6.-Entrepreneurship and Digital Social Innovation: Development of creative and innovation skills to discover new business models.

7.-Communication and Entrepreneurship: Development of communication skills in order to successfully transfer your business idea to investors, customers and suppliers in a simple, fast and direct way.


By taking all the subjects, the student will have all the necessary tools to become an entrepreneur.

Throughout this journey, the student will be advised and guided by Compluemprende, the UCM Entrepreneurship Office, which will work for the development of each of the projects, by allowing the entrepreneur to participate in a variety of programs focused on incubation and acceleration.

If you have not registered yet, you can do so by expanding your tuition. If there are any problems, you can go to the Secretary's Office of the Vice-rectorate for Students, or contact us directly. We will show you how to do this.