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Startup Programme

Startup Programme is an education programme, carried out in 17 European countries at the same time, which aims to encourage the number of entrepreneurs and help create their business plan, hand in hand with benchmark companies such as PwC or VISA. The university students analyse the viability of their entrepreneurial idea and develop the personal and technical skills they need to grow the business.

The program closes with a competition between universities at a national level whose winner represents Spain in Europe during the Junior Achievement Europe Enterprise Challenge.

Since its first edition, the UCM has participated in the Startup Programme inter-university competition, promoted by the Junior Achievement Association and Fundación Universidad Empresa.


The 11th edition is here!


You will:

  • Be a part of a training programme were they will receive counselling, mentoring and training to design and create their business plan.
  • The National Winner will be participating in the European Final (JA Europe Enterprise Challenge 2018-2019), this year will be held in Norway.
  • Besides the National Winner, special awards will be given to the finalists from the sponsors.
  • Check out the terms and conditions and join the competition.

You can apply from October 26th.


UCM's Past Winners in the Finals:

1st edition  Special Mention to Innovation Bluesens  Hermanos a ratos

3rd edition  Ayuntamiento de Madrid Award  APEC

4th edition  Ayuntamiento de Madrid Award   Iberorest

6th edition  Final Winner Flipship

7th edition  Fundación Rafael del Pino Award- VISA Award - Final Winner CToS Enabler

8th edition  Repsol Award  Tyre Barrier

9th edition  Ayuntamiento de Madrid Award   Smartfud