Complutense Center for Spanish (CCEE)

The Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), Campus of International Excellence, offers Spanish courses for foreign students since 1928 in the Faculty of Philology at the Complutense Center for Spanish (CCEE).

Our courses on Spanish language and culture include

  • All levels in the European Common Language Framework

  • Practice in all language skills

  • Business and working environment oriented courses

We also offer some specific courses:

  • History, Art, Literature and Culture courses

  • Courses for teachers of Spanish as a second language

  • High-level courses on Spanish Cultures by renowned professors

The Complutense Centre for Spanish organises many different activities to enhance students’ knowledge of Spanish language and culture, such as guided tours, visits to cultural sites and emblematic institutions.

Our staff are high-qualified teachers and professors from the renowned Faculty  Philology of the Complutense University.

As any Complutense student, all CCEE students have access to all services and facilities at the University such as

  • Libraries and language laboraries

  • Computer rooms and free wifi access

  • Sports and swimming pool facilities

  • University dining halls

Spanish language and culture courses for foreign students


Annual Courses (4th  October 2021 - 17th June 2022)

Courses follow the European Common Language according to the students’ level of competence:

  • Basic (A1 and A2)
  • Intermediate (B1 and B2)
  • Advanced (C1 and C2)

Trimestral Courses

  • Autumn Course (4th October - 17th December 2021)
  • Winter Course (January 10 - March 21 - 2022)
  • Spring Course (March 28 - June 17 - 2022)

Immersion Courses

  • 700 hours: 4th  October 2020 - 17th June 2022
  • 600 hours: 5th  October 2020 – 5th May 2022
  • 600 hours: January 10 - July 30 - 2022

Advanced Culture Course

  • Complete course (4th  October 2020 - 17th June 2022)
  • Advanced course (1st trimester): 4th October - 17th December 2021
  • Advanced course (2nd trimester): January 10 - March 21 - 2022
  • Advanced course (3rd trimester): March 28 - June 17 - 2022

Summer Courses

  • General Course ( 4th -  29th july 2022)
  • Intensive July Course ( 4th - 15th july 2022)
  • Intensive July Course ( 11th - 29th July 2022)
  • Advance Course (4th -  29th  July 2022)
  • Intensive September Course (5th  - 30th September 2022)

Intensive Courses for Erasmus students (40 hours in February or September)

Intensive Courses for Complutense foreign students in autumn and spring

Examiner Centre for DELE and SIELE Diploma

The Complutense Centre for Spanish has been an examiner centre since the creation of Spanish Qualification Exams. For the DELE exam the call is open in February, July and September. For the SIELE exam we offer monthly calls.

Psychopedagogical Advice

Psycholinguistic advice to overcome specific learning difficulties and workshops and seminars for students and Spanish teachers.

Cultural activities

Guided visits to the main museums, guided tours to Unesco Heritage cities in Spain and to Madrid attractions.

 Information and contact

Facultad de Filología - Edificio A - Ciudad Universitaria - 28040 Madrid
Teléfonos: (34) 913.945.325