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Beekeeping is a professional field for the veterinary community, and as for the rest of the livestock activities, plays a key role not only in the health field and in associated research, but also in productivity, animal welfare and food security. In order to respond to the needs and concerns of veterinarians related to beekeeping, the ASSOCIATION OF VETERINARIES SPECIALISTS IN BEE HEALTH AND PRODUCTION (AVESPA) was created in 2016, with a series of objectives and purposes, including:


Promote and defend the interests of the veterinarians belonging to this Association, both individually and collectively.
• Being an interlocutor with the Administration on behalf of the veterinarians specialized in bee health and production in Spain.
• To be a point of reference for queries from associates, other veterinary associations, producers, consumers, social media, etc.
Improve the health of beekeeping livestock.
• Provide technical solutions to the problems of current beekeeping production.
Cooperate with institutions, organizations and companies in the development of areas of common interest.
• Promote the continuous training of its associates

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