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The GuMNet (Guadarrama Monitoring Network) infrastructure consists of 10 real time automatic weather stations with instrumentation for observing the state of the atmosphere, surface and the subsurface. The atmosphere monitoring set up satisfies the requirements of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) concerning variables such as air temperature, air humidity, wind speed and direction, precipitation, radiation and snow cover thickness. Complementing the atmospheric measurements, surface and subsurface sensors are incorporated into the network and distributed within a total of 15 boreholes of up to 20 meters depth as well as 9 trenches dug up to 1 meter depth. In each borehole the temperature is monitored with 8 sensors placed at increasing depths.Trenches incorporate temperature and humidity sensors at 3 depths in most sites. Furthermore our team of soil scientists has characterized soil types and composition of the horizons performing a test pit at each station, thus providing a valuable description of the environment as metadata, and enabling a better interpretation of the observations collected by the ground sensors.

All GuMNet sites have this common design. Additionally some sites ar dedicated to adress specific features like monitoring forested or deforested environments, monitoring pasture areas, eddy covariance fluxes, etc.