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2021 Physics PhDay winner is gumnetian

Organized by students, the PhDay aims are to promote scientific exchange between PhD students from different Physics specialties and expand their training within our University. This meeting aims to promote the dissemination of the work carried out by the young researchers of the Faculty of Physics, contributing to the development of their careers as scientists, offering the incentive to participate in a contest that will reward the most outstanding works.

The 5th edition of the Physics PhDay took place from October 4 to 8, 2021, with our gumnetian colleague Félix García Pereira resulting as the winner

Former technician for the GuMNet initiative and currently PhD Student, Félix García presented his work on the results derived from his thesis so far, "Subsurface Thermal Structure: A Climate Science Perspective"

His current research line is based on assessing the subsurface thermal structure from a climate science perspective, with a particular focus on understanding how to retrieve a correct representation of the conductive regime from real-life subsurface temperature time series. For that purpose, he did an extensive use of the subsurface data collected from GuMNet. For more information about his contribution click here.

Second and third positions went to Claudia Fernández González and Carlos Álvarez Nicolás, respectively.

CONGRATULATIONS from the GuMNet Initiative to all of them!! Specially to our beloved former colleague Félix for the 1st prize!! The GuMNet Team wishes you the best on your adventure as a PhD Student!!

For pictures of the event, click here or on the picture.