David Hernández

PhD, Research fellow in Applied Physics at Universidad Complutense de Madrid thanks to the program Talento de la Comunidad de Madrid. He is an internationally expert in advanced electron microscopy. He obtained his BSc in Physics at University of Sevilla (2007) and PhD in Chemistry at University of Cadiz (2013), Spain. He joined University of Rouen as a postdoctoral student in 2013 and became a Research Staff Member at SuperSTEM laboratory (the aberration corrected electron microscopy national facility of the UK) associated with the Department of Materials of University of Oxford in 2014 until 2017. In 2017 he was awarded with one of the grants of the program Talento of  Comunidad de Madrid which is a plan to bring scientific excellence to the region of Madrid. In 2018 David has become IP of a National Project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Economy and Competitiveness for the study of electric fields in ferroelectric materials with atomic column resolution. His main research interests include a variety of topics related to semiconductors, complex oxide nanosystems, metals and other materials. He has 26 publications in peer reviewed journals and 11 talks and seminars at international meetings and research institutions worldwide.