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A. R. Burgaz, T. Ahti & R. Pino-Bodas. 2020. Mediterranean Cladoniaceae. Spanish Lichen Society, Madrid.

22 oct 2020 - 09:03 CET

Cladoniaceae is a family of lichen forming fungi with subcosmopolitan distribution. Mediterranean Cladoniaceae is a compendium of the knowledge of the Cladoniaceae inhabiting the Mediterranean región.  It is based on material from an extensive field work and from a number of herbaria. In total 92 species representing three genera, Cladonia, Pilophorus and Pycnothelia are treated. Th especies are described and illustrated. Data about secondary metabolites, morphological variation, habitat and taxonomical notes are provided. Distribution maps of each species, based on material studied and literature references, are presented.

117 p., 86 illust. in color, 93 maps

ISBN: 978-84-09-21610-9

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