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Oferta Puesto de PostDoc

Dentro de la Cátedra Jean Monnet se ofrece un puesto Postdoctoral, encuadrado en las acciones Marie Skłodowska-Curie (MSCA) y publicado en la Web de Expression of Interest, para doctores con menos de 8 años desde la lectura de su tesis para trabajar en el grupo de investigación indicado a continuación. 

Group description - Modern times

Based on a broad conception of audiovisual heritage that includes cinema, television, radio, video and audio recordings and photographs, this group at the Complutense University (Chair Modern Times is focused on the analysis of European audiovisual heritage with a special emphasis on transformations in the Digital Single Market and on access to its works and services.

The Group combines the experience of a highly reputed master’s programme on Audiovisual Heritage at Complutense University (WEB: with innovative research (including PhD supervision) and transfer activities.

The members of the Chair lead by Corredoira are part of the teaching personnel for this latter master’s, which brings together seven different university departments. Prof. Ramos Arenas also teaches at the School of Art, and Prof. Ramos Simón on the master’s in Documentation. The Chair should contribute to strengthening a specifically European approach to matters regarding our common audiovisual heritage.

Research topic

We collaborate with different institutions and archives (such as Filmoteca española, Cinemateke Belgium, RTVE, National Library, Museums, etc.) directing projects for the management and cataloguing of audiovisual works. The Fellow will be able to make a professional stay at the chosen institution in Spain or another European country, to develop a policy for the reuse of public access works, and public domain catalogue.
It will cover preservation, custody and legal questions related to access to and dissemination of European audiovisual heritage.

Specific objectives will additionally include analysis of the transformation of the legal framework affecting audiovisual heritage projects and programmes, as well as consideration of questions concerning preservation and current digitization policies.

The innovative proposal put forward by this Chair also includes the supervision of doctoral theses (a minimum of five PhD theses and twelve master’s theses); the production of catalogues and cinema and television archival repositories.
Complutense University currently offers three official master’s programmes focused on heritage: a Historical Heritage and Museums programme, a Photographic Documentation programme (starting this year), and an Audiovisual Heritage programme. And in all of them, the Management and Legislation material is taught, which includes Intellectual Property Law.

This team will launch of a new European PhD programme in 2022/2023. The syllabus for Master and PhD students will include seminars and courses on the history of European cinema and television, collective European memory, European audiovisual policies, rights management, universal access to European film management of open access archives.

Research area

Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC) Depart. of Constitucional Law.

Candidatures: requirements

Curriculum vitae, publications from the last 5 years, a letter of motivation (in English and in Spanish) from the candidate indicating his/her interests and lines of research, and a letter of recommendation from a professor/researcher. Previous experience or publications in the field (copyright, EU policy). Be Bilingual (Spanish/English) it´s not necessary but it will be very well considered.

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