Plenary Speaker

Project manager Défi International Université de Bordeaux

The international challenge? towards a community of practice for international teaching and learning. A story from the University of Bordeaux


Joanne Pagèze is a university teacher at the Department of Language and Culture at the University of Bordeaux, France with a strong interest in English Medium Instruction and international teaching and learning. Since 2014 she has been project leader of Défi International, a university-wide teacher development programme for EMI and is currently carrying out action research on this context. She has worked in higher education since 1998 in English for Specific Purposes and in the development of CLIL initiatives in Life Sciences. She is a participant in the European Strategic Partnership EQUIIP – working to develop quality teacher development for international programmes.  She is a board member of the European Language Council and assistant-editor of the European Journal of Language Policy.