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Seminars 2017

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II Seminar: Challenges and Opportunities of the International Classroom

A one day seminar:  April 3rd 2017 

Salón de Actos de Filología, Edificio D

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the 2017 UCM Seminar “The Challenges and Opportunities of the International Classroom”. Drawing from last year’s successful and well-received initiative, we intend to broaden the scope of the seminar so to include not only teachers but also the other agents involved in the Plan for Curricular Internationalization: UCM students, who will give us an overview of their internationalization at home and abroad experiences. Moreover, we also include, in a more visible manner, the role of Spanish as an international language as well as other languages that play a key role in certain fields of knowledge and professional contexts.


The seminar is conceived of as an opportunity to:

  • Publicize best practices in internationalization of higher education within the UCM (approaches and strategies, development of resources, teaching materials, curricular adaptations, etc.);
  • Offer guidelines and recommendations to implement graduate and postgraduate subjects, programmes or courses in English (or in other foreign languages);
  • Reflect on different challenges and opportunities (linguistic, methodological, cultural, etc.) encountered by teachers in international contexts;
  • Start a discussion forum for participants to share experiences and offer solutions;
  • Publicize research findings in the field.

Target audience

  • UCM teachers already involved in teaching in the international classroom.
  • UCM teachers interested in teaching in the international classroom.
  • UCM students involved or interested in learning more of the international classroom.