Grupos de investigación

Fernanda Samaniego

  • After she graduated in Physics, Fernanda Samaniego followed a Master in Philosophy of Science at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). As part of this course she wrote a thesis about the philosophical consequences of “Linear Stochastic Electrodynamics”. She worked as research-assistant at the UNAM both in Scientific Research Centers (CICESE) and at the Philosophical Research Institute. In 2008 she completed another Master in Philosophy and History of Science at the London School of Economics and became PhD student of Philosophy at Complutense University in Madrid. She joined MSR in september 2008, and went on to complete her doctoral thesis on the topic of interventionist explanations of entropy raising, obtaining her PhD Cum Laude with European Mention in December 2011, entitled "Explanatory Depth and Statistical Mechanical Interveniotism". Since January 2015, Fernanda has been a full time professor at the Philosophy and Literature Department, UNAM-SUAyED.