Research Teams and Lines


Articles written by the current members of the group in the last years. The papers are displayed from more recent to older in the order that they have been updated in the arXiv.


[1]. Jop Briët, Carlos Palazuelos. Failure of the trilinear operator space Grothendieck theorem (pdf).




[2]. Michael J. Kastoryano, Angelo Lucia, David Perez-Garcia. Locality at the boundary implies gap in the bulk for 2D PEPS (pdf).

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[8]. Andrea Coser, David Perez-Garcia. Classification of phases for mixed states via fast dissipative evolution (pdf).

[9]. Carlos E. González-Guillén, Toby S. Cubitt. History-state Hamiltonians are critical (pdf).

[10]. Kohtaro Kato, Pieter Naaijkens. An entropic invariant for 2D gapped quantum phases (pdf).

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[13]. Julio I. de Vicente. A general bound for the dimension of quantum behaviours in the prepare-and-measure scenario (pdf). Accepted J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. DOI

[14]. Patricia Contreras-Tejada, Carlos Palazuelos, Julio I. de Vicente. A resource theory of entanglement with a unique multipartite maximally entangled state (pdf).

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[20]. M. Lupini, L. Mancinska, V. I. Paulsen, D. E. Roberson, G. Scarpa, S. Severini, I. G. Todorov, A. Winter. Perfect strategies for non-signalling games (pdf).

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