Research Teams and Lines


Articles written by the current members of the group in the last years. The papers are displayed from more recent to older in the order that they have been updated in the arXiv.


[1]. Chris N. Self, Johannes Knolle, Sofyan Iblisdir, Jiannis K. Pachos. Thermally induced metallic phase in a gapped quantum spin liquid (pdf).

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[16]. Matthias Christandl, Roberto Ferrara, Cécilia Lancien. Random private quantum states (pdf).



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[18]. Srinivasan Arunachalam, Jop Briët, Carlos Palazuelos. Quantum Query Algorithms are Completely Bounded Forms (pdf).

[19]. Eric Chitambar, Julio I. de Vicente, Mark W. Girard, Gilad Gour. Entanglement manipulation and distillability beyond LOCC (pdf).

[20]. Cécilia Lancien, Andreas Winter. Approximating quantum channels by completely positive maps with small Kraus rank (pdf).

[21]. Angela Capel, Angelo Lucia, David Pérez-García. Superadditivity of quantum relative entropy for general states (pdf).

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[28]. Gemma De las Cuevas, J. Ignacio Cirac, Norbert Schuch, David Perez-Garcia. Irreducible forms of Matrix Product States: Theory and Applications (pdf).

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