Research Teams and Lines

Aleksander Marcin Kubicki

Aleksander M. Kubicki

I studied a degree on Physics at University of Extremadura and a M.Sc. on Theoretical Physics at University Complutense of Madrid, both in Spain. After that, in 2016 I joined University of Valencia to start my PhD project on the crossroad between functional analysis and quantum information theory. I became part of the research group on mathematics and quantum information at University Complutense of Madrid in the last quarter of 2020.

My research work is concerned with the understanding of problems arising in quantum information theory from the perspective of local Banach space theory and operator spaces. Within this line of research, I'm especially interested in applications to quantum cryptography, such as the study of security guarantees on position based cryptography, and the study of quantum games. Apart from that, but usually somehow related with the former, I'm also curious about non-local games, Bell inequalities and other matters related to quantum foundations.