Research Teams and Lines


Nov 2021

A new cohort of PhD students has joined our group: we are all very excited to have José R. Pareja Monturiol, Miriam Izquierdo Pato, and Pablo Paez Velasco with us!

9th Sep 2021

Aleksander Kubicki, has defended his PhD thesis, titled "Local Banach space theory and resource quantification in Quantum Information Processing". Congratulations to the new PhD!

14th Jul 2021

A member of the group, Patricia Contreras, has defended her PhD thesis, titled "Resource characterisation of quantum entanglement and nonlocality in multipartite settings". Congratulations to the new PhD!

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30th Jun 2020 12.00h MathQI Seminar

Tom Farshi: "Time-periodic dynamics generates pseudo-random unitaries".


24th Jun 2020 12.00h MathQI Seminar

Patricia Contreras: "Agreement between observers: a physical principle?"


26th May 2020 12.00h MathQI Seminar

Antonio Pérez Hernández: "Locality Estimates for complex time evolution in 1D".


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