Programme schedule


The IP took place in Madrid, during the two weeks from 24 March to 4 April 2014.

See pictures and news about our IP in Infoactualidad.

Field visits: Nine field visits took place, offering direct contact with associations, institutions and places of special interest for the issues considered during the IP:

  • Samur Social

  • Fundación Telefónica

  • Wayra

  • Metro de Madrid

  • Family Meeting Point (PEF, or Punto de Encuentro Familiar)

  • Family Support Centre of the City of Madrid (CAF, or Centro de Atención a las Familias)

  • Real Democracy Now! (Democracia Real, Ya!)

  • Roma Foundation (Fundación Secretariado Gitano)

  • Cañada Real


Extra-academic activities:

  • Visit to Paraninfo hall of Complutense University

  • Guided visit: Madrid de las Austrias

  • Guided visit: Madrid de los Borbones

  • Guided visit: the Museo del Prado

  • Guided visit: the Museo Reina Sofía