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Palacio de la Magdalena
Palacio de la Magdalena

The Complex of Peninsula of "La Magdalena"

The Peninsula of "La Magdalena, at the eastern end of Santander city, is a tombolo that closes the Santander stuary to the Cantabrian sea, to the north. This is the spectacular setting for the Palace of La Magdalena.

The Palace of La Magdalena was built between 1908 and 1013 to become a Royal residence. The 2nd Spanish Republic, founded the first Summer University in the Palace. And finally it became the main headquarters or the International University Menéndez Pelayo, or UIMP (http://www.uimp.es/). The Complex holds every year summer international courses for some thousands students.

UIMP will provide IESO with accommodation and other facilities in the Palace Complex.

IESO activities in Santander

All individual tests will be hold within the Magdalena Complex

Opening and Closing Ceremonies will be celebrated at the "Paraninfo" theatre (300 places)

ITFI will be hold during a field trip.


Accommodation will be organized in the two main buildings of the Magdalena complex:

  • Palace: Aprox. 110 mentors and observers.
  • Old Stables: Aprox. 100 students. The stables are reformed and provided first class student accommodation.