Government, Public Policy and Democracy

The primary objective of this program is to promote the study of innovation and technological advancement in relation to economic factors and social welfare, in both a national or macroeconomic as well as commercial context.  To that end, we seek to develop research, instruction, and collaborative study at international, national, and regional levels.

With our highly qualified and experienced team of instructors and researchers, we combine extensive research and field experience in an open network, enabling long-distance collaboration through a wide range of online tools.


Our studies focus on the dynamic relationships between innovation and economic activity, specifically in three key areas:


  • Research: Exploring the economics of innovation

  • Commercial: Understanding the nature of success in the marketplace of ideas

  • Public: Examining the relationship between institutions and economic development

Research / Collaborations / Activities
  • Courses in Latin American studies
  • Study of optimal practices to promote political participation (CLAD)
  • Study of Foro Social de Madrid (CAM and UCM)
  • Study of efforts to create a common legal structure amongst ALBA member states
  • Study of quality democratic institutions (Ministry of Science and Technology, Venezuela)
  • Latin American School of Government, Public Policy and Citizenship (Centro Internacional Miranda)
  • Social analysis, democracy, and cinema: a critique (UCM)


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