International Business and Markets (INTBM)

ITNB is a team of researchers from diverse institutions and countries that share a common interests in international markets and companies. The team focuses on the effects of international transfer of knowledge and spillover effects, firms´ internalizations and entry modes, subsidiary behavior, and their link to developing policies..

The team’s main activities revolve around research, the formation and assessment of the consequences of entry modes in international business and the international learning process. All this allows us to draw implications to define the politics and strategies of development.

 Research objectives:

  • Analysis and study of firms´ internalization, consequences of entry modes, and learning the international market.

  • Empirical analysis of spillovers effects from internationalized firms, globalization and developing countries.

  • Discussions and debate on the implications these have for the definition of policies and development strategies.



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 Program Director


                                                          Isabel Álvarez


Research Team

INTBM is a group formed by scholars from diverse backgrounds and nationalities who share common interests within the study of international firms and markets. Their work covers topics such as the analysis of commercial globalization, spillover effects, and strategic development policy, among others.