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  • ICEI Seminar:
    • July 3: "Climate change: a global problem to which we must act locally", by Ricardo Francisco Garcia Herrera (UCM)
    • June 6: Public financing of R + D + I: The General Budgets of the State ", by José de No (UCM, ICEI)
    • May 16: "Commercial and productive insertion of countries in the era of global value chains: characteristics and determinants", by Marta dos Reis Castilho (UCM, ICEI).
    • May 9: "Location of international R & D activities: the role of connectivity and co-location", by Davide Castellani (UCM, ICEI)
  • In the 7th Day of Women leaders and relevant leaders, the ICEI receives a Mrs. Victoria Prego.
  • ICEI Research Seminar:
    • February 28: "Incidence of inheritance and wealth in the measurement of poverty" by Laura de Pablos (UCM, ICEI)
    • March 7: "An investigation on the real exchange relationship from the global input-output tables (WIOD)" by Pablo R. Liboreiro (UCM, ICEI)
    • March 21: "The EU-Mercosur negotiations: the decline of mega-regionalism to the crisis of globalization", by Damián Rodríguez (UCM, ICEI)

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