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The Digital Market Act Proposal in the European Union

The European Commission has run public consultation on two legislative proposals that deal with new instruments that should tackle the specific characteristics of digital markets. A new set of rules for digital platforms shall be proposed, ranging from user´s rights and rules on unfair trading practices to rules set ex ante on gatekeepers with dominant position or possibly new powers for investigating markets that are likely to show market failures. New strategies observed in the market, as self preferencing, some forms of tying or selective data sharing may be partially curtailed or ex post monitored by competition and/or regulatory authorities on specific gatekeepers in order to guarantee a level playing field.

What set of new rules have been considered to be defined? What ex ante restrictions, if any, on the behavior of gatekeepers are to be expected? Is the current competition policy framework not enough to deal with the emerging and business models in the digital markets?

Workshop Program  

Friday, December 18, 2020


  • Opening of the Workshop*

10h10 - 10h50

  • Liliane Karlinger, European Commission

Commission proposals for digital markets regulation and the public consultations

10h50 - 11h10

  • Questions/ Discussion

11h10 - 12h30

  • Panel discussion

Elena Argentesi (University of Bologna)
Jan Krämer (University of Passau)
Alexandre De Streel (University of Namur; and Co-Director at CERRE, Centre of Regulation in Europe)
Jorge Padilla (Compass Lexecon)

12h30 - 12h50

  • Open discussion


  • Closing by Ms. Cani Fernández, President of the Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia (CNMC).


* the sessions will be conducted in English

Online session

The workshop will take place online via Google Meet.

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Comunidad de Madrid and the European Social Fund: project H-2019/HUM-5859, MIMA-CM




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