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Industry Studies




Our main interests are the economics of the information society and energy economics. We focus primarily on innovation in these industries and its consequences for technology adoption. Also we focus on energy and the environment, the issue of sustainability, and issues on mechanism design.  From the empirical side our focus is on Spain in relationship with other European countries. 


The subjects researched in our ongoing projects include:


  • Analysis of the demands for broadband Internet, mobile Internet in Spain using dynamic panel data models. ICTs and the services sector.
  • Analysis of the demands for cloud use, using mobile of fixed platforms, incorporating dynamic panel data models. Analysis of e-government, e-banking, e-commerce.
  • Energy and environmental economics. Macroeconomics of Energy. GHG Policy Instruments: carbon taxes and emission permits. Demography and sustainability.
  • Social Choice, Game Theory, Mechanism Design, Political Economy.