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Mission and Vision

The Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) is an institution with a long trajectory and broad social recognition that aspires to be among the first universities in Europe and to consolidate itself as a reference centre for the Latin American continent.

With students at the centre of its activity, the UCM is committed to integral and critical training at the highest level. Teaching quality is an authentic "complutense seal" and postgraduate programmes are a priority. The master's and doctoral programs of the Complutense University have the human and material resources that guarantee their excellence. The rapprochement and intensification of relations with society and the productive environment is one of our priorities for the coming years.

The UCM has great research potential and many of its research groups hold international leadership positions. UCM is committed to developing poles of excellence based on large networks of high quality groups, promoting emerging groups and integrating young researchers. And, of course, by linking research with training at all undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


The organization of the UCM is user oriented, simplifying administrative procedures. Its activity responds to the principles of democracy, transparency, campus sustainability, real and virtual accessibility, preservation of the environment and commitment to the social and economic environment.

The UCM is a quality public university at the service of society and offers its students undergraduate and postgraduate degrees that are widely accepted in the labour market.

The academic and research excellence of the UCM has been endorsed by the qualification, together with the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, of the Campus of International Excellence in the highest category A-Good Progress.